How to make a Christmas tree out of icing

Step 1

Small ball of green icing

Take a ball of green coloured icing.

If you haven’t got green you can easily colour some plain white icing using gel colouring.

Don’t use the liquid kind as it will turn your icing to mush.

Step 2

Step 2

Roll the ball of icing in to a cone shape as pictured above.

Step 3

Start cutting with scissors

Take a pair of scissors and start cutting at the icing.  I start at the top and work my way down.

Keep snipping away at the icing until you have created a pine tree effect.

Step 4

Get creative

This is were you can get a little creative.  Take a small amount of yellow icing and mold a small star shape.  Leave it to harden for a couple of minutes to harden.  Then, using either water or edible glue, attach it to the top of your tree.

Next get add some decorations using silver or gold balls.  If you haven’t got any edible glue, you might have to melt some of the green icing buy adding a small drop of boiling water (or blast it in the micro for a few seconds) to stick the balls on.

Now all that is left is to add the Christmas tree to your cake and your done!


Christmas baking

I’ve been soaking what looks like a tonne of sultanas, raisins, glace cherries and peel in brandy for the past week or two before adding them to the cake mixture made up of brown sugar, butter, flour, black treacle, eggs, mixed spice, ground almonds and a bit of salt (for the family cake I’ve included some dates and walnuts).  The results – after 4 hours of baking – is a wonderfully moist, rich and light fruit cake.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be feeding them yet more brandy before decorating in marzipan, rolled icing some handmade decorations.

There’s nothing like Christmas!!!